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Scott has worked on a broad array of engagements in terms of industry sector and problem type.  He has applied his expertise both to service based industries as well as manufacturers in commercial, industrial and consumer space.. Clients have ranged in size from some of the world’s largest companies down to middle market firms, private equity portfolio companies, family offices and owner/operator/partner led entities. His clients are typically CEOs, business unit presidents and other senior functional executives. A sample of some of his projects appear below. 

Strategy & Growth

  • Formulated a comprehensive growth and performance improvement strategy for one of the Midwest’s largest privately held wealth management firms, including transition from broker-dealer to fiduciary advisor model.

  • For leading property insurer's home insurance business unit, developed an overall strategy and enhanced customer portfolio and pricing models to minimize exposure to catastrophic risk while optimizing re-insurance choices and costs.

  • For leading global manufacturer of ATMs, validated customer requirements and benchmarked analogous industries to identify growth opportunities available from expanding remote diagnostics and service revenues.

  • Analyzed the make vs. buy strategy for a U.S. casualty insurer’s vehicle accident repair network and services, implementing a captive strategy to improve scale, lower acquisition costs, and enhance service levels.

  • For PE firm, developed the strategy and banking case to support leveraged buyout of an operating unit of an industrial equipment manufacturer, identifying revenue and cost improvement opportunities to drive a 60% increase in EBITDA.

  • Drove the development of a growth strategy for a non-profit dedicated to the stewardship, conservation and preservation of an urban nature center by expanding services offered and broadening its appeal to more demographic groups. 

  • Led the board task force of economic development organization in crafting a comprehensive strategy to drive manufacturing growth in NE Ohio through collaboration, innovation, adoption of industry 4.0 technologies, and talent development.

ESG Projects

Performance & Profitability Improvement

  • Defined the new operating model for a super-regional U.S. bank – identifying nine major initiatives to deliver more than $450M in new revenue , and reducing operating expenses by 7% while maintaining service levels.

  • For an automotive tier 1 supplier, achieved a 30% reduction in costs of goods sold by restructuring overheads, enhancing supply chain choices, implementing product & process innovations and adopting world-class manufacturing practices.

  • For the commercial banking unit of a Canadian bank, redesigned firm operations and technology functions to increase scale, lower costs and better align to business requirements through enhanced modular product architecture and technologies. 

  • For a global money-center bank, developed a sourcing framework, operating model and global strategies to support 60 countries and 100+ spend categories, while identifying over $2B in savings opportunities.

  • Delivered annualized savings of $600+M with a worldwide strategic sourcing program for a global electronics firm, reducing non-product related spend on average 12% across 14 countries and 500+ sites. 

  • Implemented a global pull-based supply chain strategy for a $100M UK luxury goods manufacturer, employing a comprehensive sales, operation and inventory planning, process to drive a material reduction in working capital and improved customer service.

  • Assessed the sourcing practices for a global auto manufacturer, identifying $2.5B in savings through reduced product complexity, improved design and  better raw material choices.  Piloted savings with six global suppliers.

  • Designed a global facilities strategy for Booz & Company’s 56 offices across 30 countries, decreasing square footage and rental costs 10-15% while implementing “office of the future” technology and optimizing space requirements.

  • Implemented a 24/7 “follow the sun” delivery model for research and report production at Booz & Company, optimizing outsourced, offshore and nearshore capabilities to drive scale, lower cost and improve service.

PPI Projects
  • Implemented a comprehensive business continuity and risk management framework for Booz & Company; managed invocation of crisis protocols for multiple real-life terror, travel and weather-related events.

  • Redesigned the fundamental control environment for one of the UK’s largest financial services firms, resulting in a material improvement in regulatory rating and over $1B reduction in regulatory capital holding requirements.

  • For global investment bank’s operational risk function, reorganized and unified a disparate set of regional teams under a single global strategy – restructuring team, decision rights, governance and upgrading personnel.

  • Executed a comprehensive information risk and IT security remediation program for a major investment bank – improving policy, segregation of duties, application security, provisioning and vulnerability management.

  • Developed and implemented the board governance and performance management system for an educational non-profit transitioning from board of advisors to fiduciary board of directors structure.

Risk Management & Governance

RMG Projects
  • Responsible for global communications for Booz & Company across 30 countries, including CEO communications; designed and delivered six global partner meetings and additional regional staff meetings.

  • Led comprehensive “Day 1” efforts for global operational launch of Booz & Company and transition to new brand in wake of sale of Booz Allen Hamilton brand and government business unit to Carlyle.

  • Conceived, launched and perpetuated "Booz Day" -- globally coordinated, quarterly all-office meetings highlighting global, regional and local content and primary vehicle for communication by senior management to all staff.

  • Led operational integration and onboarding efforts for major acquisitions by Booz – including Management Engineers and Katzenbach Partners; led global “Day 1” efforts for Booz integration into PwC.

  • Developed the detailed launch plan for regional economic development manufacturing strategy, including board and organizational alignment, stakeholder engagement, launch events, social media and press strategy.

Strategic Communications & Change Management

SCCM Projects

Executive Coaching

  • As a consultant,  work directly with Fortune 500, private equity and privately held company CEOs, business unit presidents and senior functional executives in identifying and achieving their strategic objectives, communicating change to their organizations, and identifying and developing new talent.

  • As Global Chief of Staff and Global Head of Business Services, provided ongoing counsel to two Booz & Company CEOs and Executive Committee members on matters of strategy, performance improvement and key infrastructure enhancements.

  • As a board member, I provide coaching to CEOs and presidents of multiple non-profits in setting strategic agendas, execution of their duties, communication to board and staff, and managing external stakeholders/funders.

  • Work directly with business leaders to identify and achieve professional, business and personal goals -- developing plans, key milestones, leading actions, lagging indicators to measure progress and hold the executive accountable for success.

EC Projects
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